Strategy. Acquisition. Growth. Exit.

SAGE Consulting Ventures will partner with you to set YOUR course to your OPTIMAL FUTURE!

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As you build your life, health, and family, the stress of managing your business can make you anxious and pull you away from your focus.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We will help you with Strategy, Acquisition, Growth, and Exit, so you can be confident in your business future.

Start NOW to prepare for your business exit with a clear plan and path to the future you choose. We have a clear step by step plan to support your sale and exit.

Who we help

We have a holistic approach to Small Business growth, profitability, and exit transactions. So no matter if you're in hyper growth, harvest, or exit mindset, we’re ready to serve.

Growth Minded Business Owners

We help you set a course of organic best practices, strategic partnerships, or bolt-on acquisitions. Innovative solutions and creative thinking, and we strive to help you plan for all aspects of business success.

Owners Seeking Exit & Acquisition

We help you set a course to strategically and efficiently exit your business, or acquire strategic assets to position you to achieve your goals. Your vision is our priority, and we strive to help you plan for all aspects of business success

We facilitate innovative partnerships for Strategy, Acquisitions, Growth, and Exits.


  • Increase Profits Deep Dive - 60+ Point Review
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Business Models & Mindset Coaching
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Consumer Experience & Satisfaction
  • Building a Winning Culture
  • Cost Center to Profit Center


  • Bolt On Acquisitions
  • Creative Finance Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Industry Reclassification & Multiple
  • Exponential Valuation Improvement via Acquisition
  • Deal Sourcing


  • Market & Branding Expansion
  • Sales Results and Analysis Deep Dive
  • Leveraged Growth Matrix
  • Quick Start Sales Wins
  • Creating Growth Offers
  • Differentiate in your Category
  • Creating Durable Competitive Advantage
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Product Development
  • Revenue Models


  • Business Valuation
  • Exit Process & Preparation
  • Make Yourself Redundant
  • Industry Multiple Optimization
  • Value Drivers
  • Buyer Identification
  • Business Sales Process
  • Exit Project Management Tools

What's Our Process?

Book an appointment

Start your financial journey by talking with us about your goals. We can set up an appointment over a phone or in person. It’s free of charge.

First consultation

We’ll ask you some questions to discover your situation and needs. Then, we’ll tell you how we can help you overcome your challenges. You can question us too.

Strategic planning

We propose a custom plan and quote our fees. This plan is designed specially for you, and it can be modified according to your specific goals.

Implement the plan

We start working on your business challenges within the timeline we agree on. We also offer partnership and investor services depending on your circumstances.